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Do you need full-service accommodation in Rauma?

We are a young company in Rauma run by energetic entrepreneurs. We offer a wide variety of accommodation services which can be tailored for your needs. The purpose is to make the customer’s everyday life as easy as possible by providing all services under one company.

We own over ten apartments but our operation is based on an extensive network of partners, which means we have dozens of apartments of different sizes and locations throughout the center of Rauma. We have the most comprehensive selection in three and four room apartments but we can also provide smaller apartments and detached houses.

All the apartments are furnished. We can also provide extra services like regular cleaning service and regular change of sheets. All of our apartments are versatilely furnished with all the essentials of everyday life.

You can find our pricing examples at table below. 

The pricing is for at least two months stay, shorter period terms can be discussed separately. Also larger entities and longer stay terms can be discussed separately.

Housing selection

TypeBedsBasic €/mo*Premium €/mo*Gold €/mo*
Two rooms1–490015001800
Three rooms1–5100016001900
Four rooms1–6120018002200
Detached house1–8200028003500
Water fee is added 25€ per person monthly

Basic = Versatile furnished apartment,
Premium = Basic + Weekly cleaning, 
Gold = Premium + Weekly change of sheets,

* = VAT not included nor added

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